Global Itinerary

Welcome to the Global Very Laufey Day! The first time you listen to an album creates a sacred core memory, and I’ve always loved sharing my hobbies with you, so I’ve designed this itinerary to be the perfect ‘Bewitched’ album listening experience. Anyone, anywhere in the world can take part so I’m excited to see how you make this your own journey where you live! Share your adventures throughout the day with #AVeryLaufeyDay so I can follow along too! I might send something special to those of you who complete all the activities <3

Start your day by putting on your most Laufey-core outfit!

It might be featured on the #AVeryLaufeyDay gallery here on and shared by me! Bonus points if you have silver nail polish x

Track: From The Start

Head to your favourite coffee shop

Order anything your heart desires (my personal fave is an oat milk latte)! There’s nothing like starting your day with a little treat x

Track: Bewitched

Explore your favourite farmers’ / food / flower market or gardens

Take an afternoon stroll and share a pic of your favourite flower or snack with me. I love a food/flower gram!

Track: California and Me

Wind down in a cute bookstore

Leave a letter for your 13 year old self in a book you’d love featured in @laufeybookclub. Post a pic and location for others to find! (Please write your letter on a separate sheet of paper, and don’t write in books you don’t buy/own…don’t want you getting in trouble for vandalising!)

Track: Letter To My 13 Year Old Self

Wander to your local park

In the evening, head to a local park for a walk or picnic and write a promise to your future self about your goals and dreams.

Track: Promise

Soak in the sunset

To end your day, feel the gold rays fall on your skin and your hair catch in the wind… <3

Track: Lovesick