G’day Melbourne!! I loved visiting you and your laneways a few months ago, and wanted to plan a special Aussie Laufey day for you all! Don’t forget to share your adventures throughout the day with #AVeryLaufeyDay so I can follow along too!

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Start your day by putting on your most Laufey-core outfit!

It might be featured on the #AVeryLaufeyDay gallery here on and shared by me!

Track: From The Start

Head to Good Measure Coffee Shop

Kickstart your morning with a delicious cup of coffee (or any drink you like!) from the sweetest Good Measure Coffee Shop. Bonus points for ordering as ‘Laufey’ and showing me how the barista spells my name…

Track: Dreamer

Wander over to the cutest Lost & Found Market

Browse for some Laufey-core items and show me what you find!

Track: Bewitched

Wind down in The Brunswick Street Bookstore

Snap a pic of a book you’d love to see in @laufeybookclub! I always love discovering new reads through you!

Track: Promise

End the day with a walk or picnic in Edinburgh Gardens

Feel the gold rays fall on your skin and your hair catch in the wind… <3

Track: Lovesick