Mexico City

Mexico! I wanted to do something special for all my Mexico Lauvers, so I put together a list of some special places I think you will love. Mexico is next on my wishlist, but until then I’d love to see it through you! Share your adventures throughout the day with #AVeryLaufeyDay so I can follow along too!

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Start your day by putting on your most Laufey-core outfit!

It might be featured on the #AVeryLaufeyDay gallery here on and shared by me!

Track: From The Start

Go for a coffee and a delicious brunch at Cafe Curado

Get a delicious cup of coffee (or any drink you like!) at Cafe Curado. Lattes will be extra special during the day, make sure to try one and share with me how cute it looks! Hint: Laufey in Icelandic means leaf :)

Track: Dreamer

Browse books in La Increible

Head over to this beautiful bookshop and snap a pic of a book you’d love to see on @laufeybookclub! Don’t forget to take home one of my special Laufey bookmarks from the counter (free until they run out)!

Track: Promise

Relax at Plaza Rio de Janeiro

Take a little break here to dig through the second hand clothing racks and get started on reading your book!

Track: California and Me

Explore Casa Basalta

Soak in the cute shops, art gallery and the amazing architecture. I can’t wait to visit this beautiful and inspiring place - take some photos so I can live vicariously through you!

Track: Bewitched