Reykjavik, my hometown <3 I wanted to take you on a journey of my favourite and most comforting places when I get to go back home. This felt so nostalgic to put together and I hope you come to love these spots as much as I do! Share your adventures throughout the day with #AVeryLaufeyDay so I can follow along too!

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Start your day by putting on your most Laufey-core outfit!

It might be featured on the #AVeryLaufeyDay gallery here on and shared by me!

Track: From The Start

Head to Vesturbæjarlaug Swimming Pool

Few things beat a refreshing morning swim!

Track: Promise

Treat yourself at Reykjavik Roasters in Ásmundarsalur

Relax for your morning caffeine fix at my favourite coffee spot when I’m at home. . Ask the barista for a 'Laufey Latte' (or any coffee of your choice!) for a special surprise! Hint: think of what Laufey means in Icelandic...

Track: Dreamer

Head to the Ásmundarsalur café

While you’re there, head to the café at the Ásmundarsalur museum (I love this place!), where I've hidden special Laufey bookmarks amongst the bookshelves.

Track: Letter To My 13 Year Old Self

Wander around Laugavegur

Stroll around the lovely streets and shops here, and snap a pic of the most Laufey-core item you can find!

Track: California and Me

Grab a bite to eat at Kaffi Vest

This is one of mine and Junia’s favorite places to go when we’re home! Share a photo with me (I love a food gram!)

Track: Must Be Love

Indulge your sweet tooth at Huppa Ice Cream Shop

Then you have to have dessert - everyone should always have dessert! Show me what you think the most ‘Bewitched’ flavour is x

Track: Bewitched

Enjoy the view at Grótta Lookout Point

I always go back to this spot when I get back to Iceland, it’s my happy place! Feel the gold rays fall on your skin and your hair catch in the wind… <3

Track: Lovesick